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 Title Examination
Leasehold Checks 
• Unorthodox Location/SWD Notification
• Patent to Present Title on fee, State & Federal 
• Texas Mineral Classified Lands Title 
• Texas Free Royalty Lands Title

Lease/Mineral Negotiation
• Fee Mineral Leasing/Acquisition
• Anonymous State and Federal Sale Bidding

Elkhorn Land & Title, LLC

 Regulatory Engagement
New Mexico Oil Conservation Division
• Texas Railroad Commission
• Bureau of Land Management

• New Mexico State Land Office

 Abstracting Services
• Patent to Present Abstract
• Supplemental Abstracts
• Complete Miscellaneous Name Search

 Other Services
Due Diligence: Acquisitions & Divestitures
• Curative: Drilling and Division Order
• Pooling/Communitization

• Unit and Operating Agreements

Surface Properties
• Rights of Way

• Surface Access

• Seismic Permitting